I absolutely love walking – particularly long distance trails. I’ve walked all the national trails in England and Wales, a couple of Caminos, and I’ve a list of routes I want to do that just keeps on growing.

Sometimes I jump on my bicycle and go cycling too. As long as there’s a map, there’s a way 🙂


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  1. andy taylor says:

    Looking forward to reading about your Cornish exploits. FYI Laura and I accompanied by Jules and Steve (now engaged:- yes they were walking in sin previously!!) have just completed the Two Moors Way; south coast of Devon to the North Coast via Dartmoor and Exmoor. Really good, fine weather, many laughs and beers, highly recommended.

  2. Ian Clifton says:

    Great to meet yesterday Silka on Hadrian’s ediface. I love maps too – big time!. Pity I didn’t know you did also otherwise I might have talked to you death…lol! Ian from Cheshire

    • silkakt says:

      Glad you found me Ian. It was great to meet you all, chatting really helped with those climbs and descents! Will get my blog post up from yesterday soon… I was beyond knackered when I finished yesterday!

    • silkakt says:

      Hey Ian, am I right to think it was you, Dave and Sean? I’ve posted by blog and now I’m worried Sean wasn’t called Sean but Stuart!

      • Saxondogs says:

        Hi Silka I hope you made it through Byker safely?


        The transport geeks


      • silkakt says:

        I did… Just 🙂 have drafted blog post and will put it up tomorrow – I’m still knackered from the walk!!!

      • Saxondogs says:

        Oh good (that you finished that is) we were worried ther for a bit. Well done! You are inspiring me to walk more…..




      • silkakt says:

        Thanks! Just uploaded the missing blog post… When I finished the West Highland Way (if you go back to Sept 2010 in this blog you’ll find it), I never got around to writing the last post. Still bugs me!

  3. Bill Taylor says:

    Fellow map addict here, so much so that I make my own courtesy of free software called QGIS. I’ve even published a few (Hadrian’s Wall and the Wicklow Way with the Cotswold Way in the pipeline). Like the site, when I can’t be out walking I like to do so vicariously via other people’s accounts of their walks.

  4. trailplanner says:

    Well done, fellow National Trail walker. All good preparation for the England Coastal Path in 2020? http://www.trailplanner.co.uk

    • silkakt says:

      Thank you! To be honest, I’ve no interest in the England Coastal Path. Having grown up by the coast, I think a lot of it is really very dull – I’d rather focus on the great parts. That said, I do have more coastal walking planned for the summer, when I’ll be tackling the Cumbria Way. How about you? What’s your next was?

      • trailplanner says:

        Starting soon 🙂 Next is Yorkshire Wolds and Cleveland as one journey, then the Pennine Bridleway, the up into Scotland for their 4 paths, the the last will be the Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path. i.e. I aim to finish them all this year. The the Welsh Coast, Scotland Way and then the England Coast. Then probably switch to cycle touring. I bought all the OS maps as digital using Viewranger from £90, which is a bargain.

      • silkakt says:

        Fantastic. I’m planning to walk the Yorkshire Wolds Way over Easter. Thanks for the Viewranger tip, I’m going to look into that.

      • trailplanner says:

        If you have Android Smartphone try Backcountry Navigator too. OS Maps at 1:50k and 1:25k are free, but it is clunky to use offline, but does work. Also try Bing maps (click on OS in top right corner) that has both scales too. Good luck with your walk.

    • silkakt says:

      I meant walk, not was – sorry!

  5. Kulraj Bhogal says:

    Hi Silka, great to meet you yesterday at a very non walking venue, a party in a bar, but just goes to show one can meet walkers anywhere.

    Loved swapping walking exploit stories with you. Great Web site. You have done some great hikes.

    Hopefully can swap some more walking stories soon, perhaps on a walk!



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