Camino de Santiago – Day 10

Camino de Santiago – Day 10
Walked from: San Juan de Ortega
Walked to: Burgos
Date: 11 October 2017
Distance: 27km


I’ve been invited to a party in Burgos tonight, with some friendly Catalans I met walking up a hill as the sun rose this morning. They promised singing (them) and dancing (all of us). They were very nice and extremely patient with my Spanish, but they were also drinking beer at the cafe where I stopped for breakfast this morning and aren’t meeting up until 9.30pm, and as I’m usually asleep by that time on this holiday, it’s an experience I’m going to have to pass on!


I like Burgos, I really do. It’s a beautiful place. But as far as I’m concerned today, the very best thing about it is that I’ve been here three times before and have already done all my exploring and oohing and arrhing at the amazing Cathedral. Which, in turn, means I’ve basically been taking the opportunity to sit on my arse since I arrived at lunchtime, enjoying my first hotel room in 10 days. Imagine! My own room. With clean sheets. And an ensuite bathroom. It’s like being a proper grown up 🙂 To be honest, I only left the hotel because I got hungry and they don’t offer room service!

About silkakt

I love to explore countries on foot or by bicycle. An English woman, I moved to the south of Spain in September 2020 and I have dreams of encouraging more people to discover this amazing country by walking its various Camino routes. To date, I've walked the French Camino from St Jean in France, the Portuguese Camino from Lisbon (interior route, not coastal) and the Camino Primitivo from Oviedo. I have also walked a fair few long distance trails in the UK, including all of the National Trails in England and Wales, and a couple of long walks in beautiful Scotland.
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6 Responses to Camino de Santiago – Day 10

  1. Neil Davies OBE says:

    It certainly beats all the stuff you had to deal with at TFL. Nice as the views may be, they don’t beat St Thomas’ Cathedral in Old Portsmouth or a stroll along the common 😉

  2. Siwan Hayward says:

    SKT – I love your posts and getting so much vicarious pleasure. I’m climbing mountains with you while travelling the tube, work, work, work and collapsing exhausted at the end of another day!! XXXX

  3. kinh says:

    Hold on a minute Silka! Ain’t Pilgrimage about going back to basic and suffering is the order of the day??? Sounds like a holiday. and i am loving it.

    • silkakt says:

      I’m not a good pilgrim. But I’m not too bad at walking… which makes for a terrific holiday! Thanks for all the comments Kinh – it’s amazing to think people can be bothered to read my babbling x

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