Camino de Santiago – Day 2

Camino de Santiago – Day 2
Walked from: Roncesvalles
Walked to: Larrasoaña
Distance: 26.4km

I had an early start in the trail today because a) Everyone sodding wakes up early on this walk, even though it’s not light until nearly 8am; b) I’ve stayed at the big hostel in Roncesvalles before and know to steer well clear of their rubbish breakfast that you have to queue for with a zillion other people; and c) I knew the path to the next village was an easy 4km to cover with a head torch and that I’d be able to get breakfast there. I was rewarded with a delicious pain de chocolate (I have no idea what they are called in Spanish) and fresh orange juice.

I’ve no photos actually taken from today as my phone is deader than a dead thing but the sunrise, looking back downhill from Alto de Mezquiriz, will live long in my memory (And I have a photo from a village that I walked through today from when I was there last time, and the house looked exactly the same. Honest). A beautiful start to a gorgeous day, where I ended up walking with a fast paced and friendly young Croatian chap (Darko)for an hour or so before I stopped off in Zubiri to rest my hot feet (another scorchio day). Then it was on to the chilled out town of Larrsoaña, where the hilarious Belgian who runs the shop / impromptu bar handed out free wine (but only to the women) and the more official looking local restaurant/ bar caters to the food and beverage needs of the many visiting pilgrims.D4E5083B-E71E-4FA8-A718-B9FC3749C9E8

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