Pembrokeshire Coast Path – Day 5 

Date – 17 April 2017

Walked from – Herbrandston 

Walked to – Marloes

Miles walked – 20.6 miles 

Imagine, if you will, that you are in the midst of quite a long walk. Then imagine that today was due to be your short one, a mere 13.5 miles. Your rest day, if you will. Then add 2.5 miles to it because it’s high tide and you can’t get around on the quicker low tide shoreside route. Now, I’m not the best at maths, but I make that to be 16 miles. What I did not anticipate happening on my so-called rest day was a 20.6 mile sodding walk. 
So, I’m not going to tell you about the lambs, the wildflowers, the lighthouse at Dale Peninsula or the beautiful scenery now the evil oil refineries have been left behind. I’m not even going to tell you about the people I met who just happened to be on a sailing trip run by a friend of a friend who I met at an (excellent) 40th birthday party in a tiny village near Falmouth last year. 
Nope, not telling you any of that because I am sulking. And mildly hysterical. And asking myself why I can’t go on nice, normal holidays where the sun shines and I could relax and wear nice clothes and drink cocktails by the bar. Is there a ‘throwing my toys out of the pram’ emoji? Because I need one. That or a beer. Ok, a beer it is. Thank god I’m staying in a pub tonight. Barman… 
Photos: flowers / cliffs / lamb… all pretty self explanatory 😉 

About silkakt

I'm a map addict. I nip out in my lunch break to go to the National Map Centre, just around the corner from where I work, to feed my habit. My fix normally costs £7.99 and comes in the form of an OS map, although I'm a big fan of Sustrans cycle maps, the Trailblazer walking guides and maps of the world too. And once I've got my new map, I start plotting - routes, adventures and an escape away from the office that I spend too much time in. Maps, quite simply, make the world a better and more exciting place.
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