NYC to Florida – Day 20


Date: 12 May 2011
Woke up in: Charleston, South Carolina
Fell asleep in: Point South, South Carolina
Miles ridden today: 72
Total miles ridden so far: 1,147
Weather: Hot. Humid

I’m not going to say much about today’s ride, as I’m knackered and want to sleep, but I’ll share what I’ve learnt with you:

1. The eight mile greenway out of Charleston (once you’ve crossed yet another bridge to get to it) isn’t paved, is mysteriously closed in places and has some of the biggest bits of so-called gravel on it I’ve ever seen. It’s also harbouring an evil, blood-sucking horsefly. If you see it, tell it I’d like that pint of AB negative back please.

2. Route 17 out of Charleston is a horrid road with big trucks and, for the most part, no sodding shoulder. I. Did. Not. Like. It. One. Tiny. Bit.

3. Adding four miles to our journey later on and picking up some back roads was a jolly good thing to do. (Well, I think so. I don’t think Will shares that opinion).

4. Cycling 72 miles in 80% humidity is not a fun thing to do.

5. Everyone in America appears to have watched Will and Kate Windsor get hitched. And wants to talk to you about it. And actually that’s fine because we keep meeting really lovely people.

6. Turns out that Everyone who told us it is too hot to cycle in Florida in May were right. I know this because I’m still two states away and it’s too hot to cycle here.


About silkakt

I'm a map addict. I nip out in my lunch break to go to the National Map Centre, just around the corner from where I work, to feed my habit. My fix normally costs £7.99 and comes in the form of an OS map, although I'm a big fan of Sustrans cycle maps, the Trailblazer walking guides and maps of the world too. And once I've got my new map, I start plotting - routes, adventures and an escape away from the office that I spend too much time in. Maps, quite simply, make the world a better and more exciting place.
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2 Responses to NYC to Florida – Day 20

  1. Will says:

    You said it would be two miles 😉

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